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Breathe life into Hollywood with CPR…

Crew from Hollywood Cinema Production Resources (Hollywood CPR) ~

Crew from Hollywood Cinema Production Resources (Hollywood CPR)

Hollywood Cinema Production Resources (Hollywood CPR), is a great way to learn what it takes to become a skilled technician in an entry-level Motion Picture and Television Production career. They offer training in various “below-the-line” fields within the entertainment industry such as: Lighting Technicians, all aspects of Grip work, Set Design, Production Sound, Editing, Set Painting, Props and more… When we say “below-the-line“, it’s not at all derogatory, it’s just that all Producers, Directors, Actors, and Writers are what they call “above-the-line”, this is just for budgeting purposes and name only, although above-the-line talent is usually more lucrative, but all below and above-the-line talent are very important. The Set Designers dress the Set, Set Painters paint the walls to the Production Designers needs and vision from the Director. Set Grips attach walls and rigging for Lighting Technicians to hang production lights, large or small as everything seems to fall into place. 

They’re not Just about knowledge, they’re about skill…

Hollywood Cinema Production Resources Humble Beginnings at Airport Site

Hollywood Cinema Production Resources Humble Beginnings at Airport Site

Socialbilitty Photo: Article - Hollywood Cinema Production Resources - Non-Profit Youth Training Program & Prop House...

Another pic from yesterday’s shoot of Southland on TNT as Dolly Grip breaks down a Steadicam…it’s a Wrap!

Once in a Union, such as I.A.T.S.E. Local 80  our favorite for the Grips, one could make a very good living with below-the-line work in upwards of 100K. However, you need to learn the skills and have a great attitude in order to get work, and keep it. Networking and everyday Social skills is a plus, in whatever job worth pursuing within the Film and Television industry. With Hollywood CPR in partnership with West Los Angeles College  teaching you the skills you need in order to acquire and succeed with these types of industry jobs, and the ability to maintain a career within these type of competitive Entertainment fields, you can’t help but win. They operate as a non-profit organization, and a Prop House which receives many Prop donations from Major and Minor Studios, which helps to keep them going. Founded by Mr. Kevin Considine since 1997, they are dedicated towards helping unprivileged youth and the misguided to teach them how to benefit from hard work, and dedication that anyone would achieve within the industry. Each course is taught by industry instructors, they are either working professionals or retired 30 years plus in their field, to teach you the tricks of the trade. So you’ll have the best at your side to help and motivate you, and the connections to help you land your dream job within the entertainment industry.

Hollywood CPR is a Great Opportunity for Below the Line Talent ~

Socialbilitty Photo: Article - Hollywood Cinema Production Resources - Non-Profit Youth Training Program & Prop House...

Warner Bros. Production Truck – Shoot in Los Angeles @ Olympia Medical Center – TNT’s Southland

To attend a course with Hollywood CPR and eventually land a below-the-line job inside the Motion Picture and TV Industry, you must treat the classroom, as if you were a working professional. As in, they will in turn treat you like a hired employee, with a source book straight from Matthews Studio Equipment catalog, which will come in handy when you attend Cine Gear Expo, a state of the art motion picture and television industry trade show, held annually at Paramount Pictures. So it’s very important to be on time, and be ready for some hard, but rewarding work during the long hard 18 month course. Going through these tests will gain their respect, so they can give you a good recommendation later on. Remember, some film shoots could last up to 12 or 16 hours a day of hard labor, but you will be well compensated once you book the job. Even though they are located at West LA College, and offer College credit for the course, it is not recommended for those who don’t have a passion for the field of entertainment. At Hollywood CPR, they also teach life skills to help you maintain your job once you get it, as well as to manage your money. Just don’t forget to tell em Socialbilitty sent you when you sign up!

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