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Socialbilitty on Twitter was created with the entertainment industry in mind so that industry insiders, or individuals attempting to enter into the industry could relate on different entertainment related topics. Music artists for instance, network with record labels, or with their audience to release music independently.

Socialbilitty also uses Twitter in a very unique way to attract Screenwriters, Filmmakers and film lovers alike, just browse through our Screenwriters list and see the latest that we compiled, we will add more as valuable links as they become available. We also function as a Film Production Company, as well as Talent Management representatives, so our Twitter lists serve two fold.

With updates from various influencers, celebrities and sports figures, we adhere to our tagline: Entertainment Social Blog for Artists, Trends & Friends! With compelling stories which are re-tweeted to our followers, we aim to provide inspiration to create that next big project.

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Anything is possible with Socialbilitty on Twitter, because this type of networking also allows Filmmakers,  Screenwriters, Actors, Musicians and Models opportunity to showcase their work. Brands who advertise on Twitter with confidence will also want to advertise on,  and as Twitter grows, we grow to our greatest potential.

Socialbility is about forging relationships with networks of people, with a common goal in mind. That is, to get stuff done period. Within the internet, and Twitter for that matter, relationships are strengthened to allow for the potential to create more jobs and creative avenues for artists of all shapes sizes and colors.

With the use of Re-Tweets throughout the Twitterverse, Twitterlings engage the audience, with trending topics within the Twittersphere, such as Movies, Sports, Film Production News, Television Shows, Brands and Bloggers, followers participate in Tweets (not to be confused with the R&B singer Tweet), which builds trust in our brand, as well as bridging the gap between problems and solutions, which brings awareness to those who can utilize insight.

Socialbilitty recommends Twitter for the ability to attract users to your brand through the use of Twitter Advertising, the more users who are familiar with your brand on Social Media, the more content generated through these ads, the more impressions, engagements and conversions are generated to monetize your site. Which is a gain in Google SERPs (search engine result pages), a key element in Google page rank. Socialbilitty on Twitter post blog posts from which is quickly indexed by Google. The URL is forward slash Socialbilitty.

As Socialbilitty on Twitter increasingly becomes popular to this important Entertainment niche, Social Media, Social Networking, Tweetships as well as Twitterlings will continue to be an extension of, and as we continue to follow the industry as a whole, posting links as well as photos from our entertainment social blog, including other popular Social Media platforms, Twitter is one of our greatest assets as an extension to assist in our mission.

As we continuously post news and other important information about what we see in the world, we offer quality links as well as hash tags such as:  #EntertainmentEqualsDiversity as to which we stand by wholeheartedly, to promote diversity within the entertainment industry as a whole, and we welcome others to join campaign on with respect and dignity.

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As we continually engage the audience with Socialbilitty on Twitter, we grow exponentially, with a number of Re-Tweets that gain exposure far into the Twitterverse. It’s always a pleasure when a verified celebrity or brand follows Socialbilitty on Twitter, or likes and or Re-Tweets a link from our blog or an interesting article.

As we continue to shout out many individuals, companies, businesses, bloggers and brands, which have Entertainment Social awareness in common, we increasingly encourage them to follow & stay connected. As we steer clear and far away from offensive material, we strive for high quality links to post, Re-Tweet or like, to assist with blogging and building our brand.


Anyone with any basic knowledge of the entertainment industry should know that Social Media now more than ever, is the new media mainstream and with this, we utilize Twitter to gain its full potential. When it comes to Socialbilitty however, we tend to think this technology is where society meets filmmaking, and the insiders of the entertainment industry.

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